Sunday, August 01, 2004

im a blog virgin nomore.....

well well well... for the first time i made my own blog, weird, i never thought i would but here i am! well right now its 130 am and i can say that there is something on my mind.. what is it? here.. i was never good in math or anything involving numbers ( maybe my paychecks but thats it) but i think i have found an equation for my situation right now or for the past few days...

hurt = love or ( loving someone + that person loving someone else) = sleepless nights

o yeah, just remembered 2 songs that really hit the spot for me now are 1)maybe- king and 2)falling by keahiwai

no matter how much pain, i would bare with a smile as long as she's happy and with someone she loves.. thats more than enough for me.... hehehe....well thats it for tonight.... yes i am no longer a blog virgin


Blogger carla said...

hi cuz=)....what can i say? ummm....galing mo gawa poems...tsk;)! kaso bakit parang hurt ka? oh well, di lang alam nung girl na yon how LUCKY she will be pagnaging girlfrind mo sya coz di pa nya alam na u will do anything for her para lang maging happy sya.... i know in time u will find the right girl for you... so good luck cuz... just be happy!!!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Josh of Arabia said...

great thoughts bro..ur indeed talented in many ways..txs for sharing it to us..

ps: ur in my link..u may visit my site..god speed..:)

2:38 AM  

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