Wednesday, August 15, 2012

been awhile

wow, this is my first blog post once again in God knows how long, should i try to keep this active? is it worth it? for those asking, i will still try to push for the piso para sa puso, its unfortunate that it didn't push through through out the habagat, it could have been so much help... my fault :( 2012 has been great but 2013 will be even bigger... some choices and big decisions will be made as well as big switches and moves, cheers to the present and more to the future! see you again soon

Friday, July 22, 2011

piso para sa puso

here is my update guys... this is for my #pisoparasapuso drive to make twitter more useful to the community... i was asking if you were ok with me setting up a bank account and hopefully you guys deposit once a month whatever amount sana not more than 5,000 pesos, even the smallest piso contribuition will always be welcome, if my half a million followers hypothetically gave one peso each month that would be 500k plus, a big big amount of help for any charity then we all choose a certain charity/institution each month to be our recipient... here's the catch..

i spoke to the banks and they would be more than willing to accommodate BUT the bank is worried if some who donate will ask for an accounting of their donation... this might reach a point wherein i will have to disclose some of my personal banking information which i cannot.. so all donations will have to come with a "trust basis".. no questions asked, i will take a picture of the amount produced each month and post it on twitter so you know how much the total donation will be but i CANNOT and WILL NOT account the donations given, once wired or deposited, no more questions asked... so this will be a disclaimer of some sorts... if you deposit sa piso para sa puso, no questions can be asked regarding the transaction, only to vote which charity it goes too, need your opinion here guys... what you think?

additional info : it will be under a separate account however if WORST CASE scenario and someone asks for the accounting and the issue becomes worse, i will have to show my accounts.. which i will not do

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Modern Family

" its going to be tough to say goodbye, it always is, nobody loves change but part of life is learning to let things go"

"a kiss can mean so many different things, it can be the start of something new, it can be how we say this is the person that i love, it can be romantic, it can also be worth waiting for"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


not sure if we've met already or have yet to meet but i cant wait to find out if you are the reason why the others never worked :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines..

had some friends over..had a few drinks.. popped a valium and now ready to sleep... its feb 14. so happy valentines guys.. the day of all days... should i be happy... should i be down.. i dont know anymore.. love provides the complexities of life...the similarities and the contrasts the make life worth provides the small things that leave us sleeping and waking up with a has crossed my path lots of times... sometimes it just doesnt happen, sometimes its not meant to be... sometimes the other party messes it up while majority of the time i mess it up.. i love in love with love..i believe love drives everything around us.. my heart is pounding and racing...i cant wait to be with you

Saturday, October 30, 2010

mistakes and picking myself back up

this year has been full of ups and downs, blessings no doubt, unbelievable work left and right. when it comes to business aspects i coud still improve but as you all know my lovelife went down the drain with no one else to blame but me, so suck it up, accept and regret is all i can do, live life the way it should be lived.

mistakes i have done
mistakes i have made
all the regrets i feel
one day will be paid

guess this is the end
time to let go
failed us i have
even i truly say so

sorry will never be enough
no action will ever be too great
to completely prove to you
how much of myself i hate

but take everything in
and let fate do its thing
if it leads us back together
the future might just bring

sa lahat ng patuloy na sumusorta, thank you very much, its you guys that drive me each day, love you all

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


its been a while, almost forgot my email and password for my blog, thats how long it has been but hey better late than never..
2009 was a roller coaster so say the least, for every up, there was a down, for every loop, there comes twist and just when you things are going to slow down or ride a straight line, something is bound to surprise you.. i dont think that even refers to just 2009, thats life in general right? 2009 brought me so many things to be thankful for...

1) in my life - wow, what can i say, i am very proud that im not hitting myself right now by saying no to the movie, good reviews/feedback, wow, what more can i ask for.. it made me love acting even more and makes me what to learn so much more

2)best male tv host- fourth one! :) 2 for best talent search host and now 2 for best male tv host, hopefully i get to get a talk show award too and one for acting..hopefully

3) our gift giving event- this one was for all of us, wow, like what i said when i had the mini-speech, ive been alive for 28 years but because of you guys, i got to experience my most meaningful christmas celebration ever, thank you very very much, luisters,luinis,luckygels,luckycharmers,nipzos,mais,pappybabes,soolucky and vilamanians but of course very very special mention to the luckygels for organizing everything, bukod sa mga batang napasaya niyo isa ako sa sobrang napsaya niyo nung araw na yun

all these and so much more from 2009 make me look forward to 2010 so much more. I am anxious, excited, nervous, giddy and all. hopefully 2010 gives me a chance to right whatever wrongs i have done and bring a bit of sunshine into more people's lives

thanks for everything Bro, i know there are days that i forget you or take you for granted but this time please guide me and everyone dear to me that we may live and love the way you want us to.. we offer 2010 unto you