Wednesday, April 19, 2006


im so lost ...... please find me......

Thursday, April 06, 2006

thank you MYX

in this industry, i always try my best to learn and improve in whatever i do.... i have tried "vjing" and i think i have done an ok job... i have tried hosting.. i think i have done relatively well. in acting, i think i did an ok job too.. dancing... i know i can dance but my singing... tsk tsk thats one thing that i can never improve.. i am quite known for my very very very bad singing skills, even my parents admit that i definitely didnt fall in line when God gave that talent out thus there goes any hope or aspirations of me singing live or just singing well. so thats makes singing my greatest frustration but my myx family decided that no matter how bad my voice is they would still try their best to make my dream come true...

the advanced taping of my bday celebration came ( my bday 4-21-81), as the doors of the elevator opened, i was handed a mic and asked to just walk to the studio... inside was the whole myx family and my barakda ( the band KALA) who were all waiting for me... just to make my dream come true.. they knew the pain they had to endure if they made me sing live but that didnt stop them from putting one of the biggest smiles i have ever experienced in my entire life.. they just really genuinely wanted to make my dream come true....

so it happened, i sung 3 songs and finally felt how it was to be a vocalist.. im sure as hell i didnt do an ok job but still the thought of them and my friends organizing everything just to make my dream/frustration come true was more than enough to melt my heart.. it has been so long since i have felt that special and loved and i will forever be thankful... love you MYX

sir andre : 45 more minutes... keep on cycling
ms.mila: any new cd's?
ms.ina: you have lived up to ur name.. i really love you as my mother
april: "boss, dalawang kanin pa dito" ring bearer ako ha
cat: the kidneys are the way to success, pa dextrose ka na everywhere you go
jojo: welcome to the crazy club
bob: where are you?
jacq: sino si mark?
tyo carls: hope bora is treating you well.. hello mga bata
geths: uhm..... amen
joey: tangalin mo nga yan, nag tytype ako
ross: sana maging obese ka
prisa: palaisipan pa rin pangalan mo
daryl: kelan ka magiging cam 1?
wilbert: salamat sa respeto anak
rej: sana maraming bata pa ang maka-aral under ur tutelage
bobby: what time ka darating? lipad raketeer lipad
titus: dcbckbcbakfbalfak ( if youre high maiintindihan mo yan)

thank you MYX and i will never ever forget what u have done for me... i will always love you all with my entire being.. like what i said.. no matter what i have achieved or will achieve, i will always owe it to myx for being my first family in this industry... LOVE YOU ALL