Thursday, November 20, 2008


yes yes yes i have a new post, maybe some were wondering if this blog was still active, well surprise it is, ive been very very busy God and life has been throwing so many things at me but you don't hear me complaining, let me enumerate..

1) im finally happy ( you can figure that one out)

2) ive been blessed with a top rating show added to my current shows and soon to have 2 more new shows

3) a great movie with my mom and john lloyd

4) my friends/fans who have constantly supported everything i do on and off cam

5) my 3rd business expansion :)

and so much more.. life has been very very interesting which makes it more fun to live, so to all you guys, thanks for always swinging by, thanks for the kind words, rest assured I'm ok and yes i will start posting again more often .. thanks and love you guys :)