Tuesday, December 29, 2009


its been a while, almost forgot my email and password for my blog, thats how long it has been but hey better late than never..
2009 was a roller coaster so say the least, for every up, there was a down, for every loop, there comes twist and just when you things are going to slow down or ride a straight line, something is bound to surprise you.. i dont think that even refers to just 2009, thats life in general right? 2009 brought me so many things to be thankful for...

1) in my life - wow, what can i say, i am very proud that im not hitting myself right now by saying no to the movie, good reviews/feedback, wow, what more can i ask for.. it made me love acting even more and makes me what to learn so much more

2)best male tv host- fourth one! :) 2 for best talent search host and now 2 for best male tv host, hopefully i get to get a talk show award too and one for acting..hopefully

3) our gift giving event- this one was for all of us, wow, like what i said when i had the mini-speech, ive been alive for 28 years but because of you guys, i got to experience my most meaningful christmas celebration ever, thank you very very much, luisters,luinis,luckygels,luckycharmers,nipzos,mais,pappybabes,soolucky and vilamanians but of course very very special mention to the luckygels for organizing everything, bukod sa mga batang napasaya niyo isa ako sa sobrang napsaya niyo nung araw na yun

all these and so much more from 2009 make me look forward to 2010 so much more. I am anxious, excited, nervous, giddy and all. hopefully 2010 gives me a chance to right whatever wrongs i have done and bring a bit of sunshine into more people's lives

thanks for everything Bro, i know there are days that i forget you or take you for granted but this time please guide me and everyone dear to me that we may live and love the way you want us to.. we offer 2010 unto you