Friday, July 22, 2011

piso para sa puso

here is my update guys... this is for my #pisoparasapuso drive to make twitter more useful to the community... i was asking if you were ok with me setting up a bank account and hopefully you guys deposit once a month whatever amount sana not more than 5,000 pesos, even the smallest piso contribuition will always be welcome, if my half a million followers hypothetically gave one peso each month that would be 500k plus, a big big amount of help for any charity then we all choose a certain charity/institution each month to be our recipient... here's the catch..

i spoke to the banks and they would be more than willing to accommodate BUT the bank is worried if some who donate will ask for an accounting of their donation... this might reach a point wherein i will have to disclose some of my personal banking information which i cannot.. so all donations will have to come with a "trust basis".. no questions asked, i will take a picture of the amount produced each month and post it on twitter so you know how much the total donation will be but i CANNOT and WILL NOT account the donations given, once wired or deposited, no more questions asked... so this will be a disclaimer of some sorts... if you deposit sa piso para sa puso, no questions can be asked regarding the transaction, only to vote which charity it goes too, need your opinion here guys... what you think?

additional info : it will be under a separate account however if WORST CASE scenario and someone asks for the accounting and the issue becomes worse, i will have to show my accounts.. which i will not do