Monday, September 27, 2004

enlightenment? yupyup

well it has been a long while since my last post, the truth is, ive had/typed in so many rough drafts typed but just end up deleting them. i have been really busy both with work, life , looking for love, train, LEARNING among others

for the past few days or maybe week, i have been training/learning from my guru/master, i think i have learned 2 points in life, 2 points that stuck to me and made me realize a lot of things, well since i do believe that knowledge is meant to be shared thats what im about to do now

1) it doesnt matter if you do or dont believe in GOD, a God or a million Gods, what matters is you do what is morally good, not step on people , take advantage of people, use people or just plain hurt people... just be a good person with a really good heart doing what is right , that is more than enough.

2) life is meant to be lived......... some people take life for granted.. man has one destiny, its to be happy, if we notice.. anything we do no matter how small or big is aimed towards one goal, all goes in one direction, which is? our happiness!!!! it is man's destiny!! whether it comes from us.. getting good grades, buying a new pc/ipod or even a new car/house or maybe even having the person that we love, love us back it all comes down to one point, that life is not meant to pass us by but its meant to be lived with our destiny being happiness. So if we think about it we should never be unhappy, yes, life does throw us trials and obstacles and we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed with problems just surfacing left and right but it is our destiny to rise above all those, if you wake up unhappy then you are wasting time and worse you are wasting life. WE ARE MEANT TO BE HAPPY, that is our destiny