Thursday, August 26, 2004

please God?

please God? all i need is a sign.. i know that sometimes we do ask for signs but even if you do send/give them we still tend to look the other way and not follow but this time Lord, no matter what sign, no matter what you want me to do, i will even if it hurts.. just give me a sign..... pls help me out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knw dat m not God to asnwer you out on this one,its just sharing some of my opinions. "no matter what you want me to do, i will even if it hurts", God will never let you do anything that'll hurt you..Whenever you try to find signs from him on an earthquake,windstorm or fire,its not there.Its olweiz on a gentle breeze touching your cheeks. Connection? Never look for signs on big things.Some usually are on small things that are completely invisible. you just need to focus on God more to see these signs w/c ur looking for. And when you do see these signs, always and never forget to bow your head and thank him.

8:15 PM  
Blogger GreenMangoes said...

and.. maybe.. just maybe.. "NO" or "SILENCE" is an answer...


5:32 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

I believe in signs too but I dunno, sometimes they can be conflicting. we may take a particular sign as a yes even when it means no because we want to believe it as such.

12:15 AM  
Blogger PunkS said...

Hi! First of all you don't have to beg God for crying out loud! lol! I guess you like that girl a lot huh?! You don't need a sign.. All you need is for you to get your shiny ass of that seat and start doing your move. You can't always wait for the sign to come. Trust me! Signs won't work.. The real sign is the sign inside you not superficial signs... =)You know what.. You'll work things out. It's just normal that in our lives we get hopelessly insane or something at some point. =p Good Luck! You're a lucky man so work that luck out! =) Au Revoir! Cuidate!

11:27 AM  
Blogger chum said...

you know what? i love to ask for signs too...3 yrs ago i had a bf, 5 years kami pero we broke up.i asked d Lord na sana yung susunod na guy for me eh makilala ko sa simabahan then i changed it kc madami ako pwedeng makilala sa simbahan then sabi ko bigyan na lang ako ng rosary.then may naging friend ako we know na we like each other he gave me a rosary and after 2 days he told me na 1st time niya ako nakita sa simbahan naging kami eventually pero ngayon best of friends na lang kmi...oh well im going to post this story sa blog ko...soon...wala lang just want to share lang my story

2:18 PM  

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