Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Is it possible?

Is it possible that even if you and a person haven't been a couple or had a relationship/commitment at all, you still feel that she's the love of your life? I think it is..... yupyup.. it is

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Morning God

Wow! Well God I asked for a sign last night and you gave me a straight forward one.. I guess that's what meant to be.. It hurts but I guess I know you're right.. At least I laid down my cards and feelings.. I know she knows how much she means to me and if given the chance to be with her I would never ever let her go.... I would also promise to love her so much more each day and I would rather hurt myself first than even think about hurting her... I know and she knows how happy I would have tried to make her each day you create..I love her Lord but if that will make her "happy" then that's it right? Thanks Lord

please God?

please God? all i need is a sign.. i know that sometimes we do ask for signs but even if you do send/give them we still tend to look the other way and not follow but this time Lord, no matter what sign, no matter what you want me to do, i will even if it hurts.. just give me a sign..... pls help me out



I met you a pretty long time ago
Then you just grew on me
Now to your hugs and kisses
I can’t say no

Every time I open my eyes
I wish I was beside you
& it really makes me feel
That I’m falling for you

Yet you don’t want to be with me
You say it’s because of fear
Every time I think about it
I could practically tear

So I guess the final say
Will just depend on you
But pls. be careful coz
You might be turning your back, on a love so true

Thursday, August 19, 2004

old poem.. but just posted it, what do u think?


I can’t stop thinking about you
Yet you don’t think about me
I can’t stop missing you
Yet you don’t miss me

One minute I felt so special
And now I feel stupid
I guess there’s no one to blame
Or maybe blame cupid

You left me just like that
Just hanging in the air
And right before I sleep
There is so much pain to bear

So just bear the hurt
Even if it cuts like a blade
Because for the 2nd time
I’ve been played

Thursday, August 12, 2004

another poem i made just now

Almost Perfect

From the moment you opened the door
And stepped out of your place
I was in awe of your beauty
That it made my heart skip a pace

I took you to my house
To meet my whole family
The happiness in my eyes
Because of you they clearly see

We’d be holding hands
While walking thru the park
Stopping for 5 seconds
Just to kiss in the dark

It was so beautiful
So real did it seem
The sad part is I woke up
And it was all just a dream

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

waiting .... another poem i made


When will the day come?
When will the sun shine?
When will I have someone?
To truly call mine

Someone to hug
Someone to kiss
Someone to constantly think about
Someone to miss

When will that day come?
So now I don’t know what I’m going to do
But deep down inside
I’m hoping that it’s you

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

40 days 40 nights

Well last night I was watching 40 days and 40 nights... I saw 3 elements in the movie
1) abstinence
2) sex/intimacy
3) chemistry
it got me thinking..... Again damnit!!!!

what stuck in my head is the third one... Chemistry.. im sure we have been in relationships or dates wherein if you think about it, you really didn't share anything in common. Isn't it so different when you have someone who actually laughs at the same things that you do? You also share the same interests? Share the same outlook in life? Wherein maybe after being intimate with that person you can even watch TV together and talk about what you're watching ( not just sleep) the way you make each other "lambing" or cuddle... The way you look in each other's eyes.. So I would have to say that sex is a beautiful thing ( esp. When done the right way and with love involved) I believe though that chemistry gives us a different kind of fulfillment, I guess it makes us feel that there really is someone made for us.....

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Are you happy?

Well I just got back from cagayan de oro for work, I hate traveling, we always have the occasional weird seatmate in the airplane who looks straight at your face and just stares at you and is probably trying to memorize your pores, we also have the baby who cries like there's no tomorrow..... Don't get me wrong I love kids to death but damn in a plane their cries are amplified like hell! There is one good thing about traveling, it really gives you time to think... You're sitting for about an hour to an hour and a half then you can just close your eyes and think/ponder/fantasize whatever you want to do so I though about this...

when we have a loved one but that person's heart belongs to someone else.. do we really mean it when we say that we just want that person to be happy even if its not with us? do we really mean that when all that we think about is that person? when if it were possible, you would want her to be the first and last thing you see every single day...... that whenever you hear a cheesy song you think about the two of you in your own music video?( yes it is really corny but you have to admit we all do that) do you really mean it when... just holding her hand gives you butterflies?...... when every time your lips touch for that moment in time you dont care about anything else but how much your heart is beating full of love?.... whenever you're with her you never settle for mediocrity but always try to be the best that you can ever be...... whenever you're with her you always want to have even a bit of physical contact, whether it be your knees or elbows touching or just your fingers right beside hers, knowing shes that close relaxes and makes your heart smile?

well i would have to say yes, i would mean it because even if i do feel all of the above her happiness is still my first priority.... even if my heart would be crushed and torn apart.... her smile and happiness would always be what i really want........

another poem...... made in about 4 minutes


I thought I was going to be happy
I thought I was going to feel love
I was about to drop on my knees
and thank the lord above

with you I felt so special
but now I feel its not true
what did it have to happen now
when I’m so crazy about you

I’m so lost in the dark
I don’t know what to do
I think about you so much
I cant stop missing you

so there is nothing else to do
only wait and see
because maybe in your heart
*I can still see me
*there's still a place for me

(i gave you guys two endings to choose from)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

hurt ... made this poem in 5 minutes


Maybe you don’t know
Maybe you don’t intend to
But hurt my feelings
You sometimes tend to do

Sometimes you don’t intentionally pick up
& sometimes you don’t reply
Believe me its hurts
Enough to almost make my cry

Do you think I’m too sensitive?
Do you think it’s too much?
I guess that’s how it is
When you care about someone so much

So bear it I guess
Is what I’m going to do?
Because no matter how much hurt?
I’m still falling for you

Sunday, August 01, 2004

im a blog virgin nomore.....

well well well... for the first time i made my own blog, weird, i never thought i would but here i am! well right now its 130 am and i can say that there is something on my mind.. what is it? here.. i was never good in math or anything involving numbers ( maybe my paychecks but thats it) but i think i have found an equation for my situation right now or for the past few days...

hurt = love or ( loving someone + that person loving someone else) = sleepless nights

o yeah, just remembered 2 songs that really hit the spot for me now are 1)maybe- king and 2)falling by keahiwai

no matter how much pain, i would bare with a smile as long as she's happy and with someone she loves.. thats more than enough for me.... hehehe....well thats it for tonight.... yes i am no longer a blog virgin